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Learning System Center App Controller

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Learning System Center App Controller

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Learning System Center App Controller
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Configuring a Microsoft Azure subscription

In this section, we will configure the on-premises App Controller deployment to connect to the Windows Azure subscription. The following capabilities will be enabled for our private cloud users in both private and public cloud:

  • Start virtual machines

  • Stop virtual machines

  • Shut down virtual machines

  • Restart virtual machines

  • Connect to virtual machines

  • Modify existing virtual machines

  • Copy existing virtual machines to Azure

  • Deploy virtual machines

  • Deploy cloud services

  • Add virtual machines to cloud services

  • Modify existing services

  • View and manage jobs

To connect App Controller to Windows Azure, we have to first create a self-signed certificate. Then export the certificate package with private keys and also export the certificate without private keys. Next, we need to upload the certificate without private keys to the Windows Azure management portal and import the certificate package with the subscription ID into App Controller. Perform the following steps to...