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Learning System Center App Controller

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Learning System Center App Controller

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Learning System Center App Controller
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Introduction to App Controller PowerShell cmdlets

PowerShell enables IT professionals to perform repetitive tasks reliably. Also, there are certain features in the Azure cloud that can only be configured with PowerShell. In this section, we will be introduced to the App Controller PowerShell module.

App Controller PowerShell module provides 29 commands that can be used in the session. In a normal PowerShell console, we can import the cmdlets by importing the App Controller module. This can be achieved by typing the following code in the PowerShell command prompt:

Import-Module AppController 

To get the list of commands available in the App Controller module, type the following command in the PowerShell console:

Get-Command -Module AppController

The following screenshot shows the App Controller module:

The following commands are available to be used in the App Controller module:

We also have the ability to connect to the App Controller server under the context of the permission allowed to a specific...