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Learning System Center App Controller

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Learning System Center App Controller

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Learning System Center App Controller
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Configuring roles-based access

In this section, we will be adding a new tenant user to the App Controller. This user will be assigned particular settings to manage their environment. I have created a standard domain user called Contoso_Tenant01 for demo purposes. This account will be given full administrative access to the Contoso Cloud only. Follow the following steps to complete this task:

  1. Log on to the Virtual Machine Manager server. Launch VMM Console.

  2. Select Settings in the left pane. Expand Security and select User Roles. In the ribbon, click on Create User Role, as shown in the following screenshot:

  3. After the Create User Role wizard launches, provide the Name and Description and then click on Next. I have used Contoso Cloud Administrator and Administrator of Contoso Cloud.

  4. Select Tenant Administrator and click on Next:

  5. In the Members section, add a security group on individual user accounts. I have added a Contoso_Tenant01 account to the members list. Then click on Next.

  6. In the Scope section...