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The DevOps 2.4 Toolkit

By : Viktor Farcic
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The DevOps 2.4 Toolkit

By: Viktor Farcic

Overview of this book

Building on The DevOps 2.3 Toolkit: Kubernetes, Viktor Farcic brings his latest exploration of the Docker technology as he records his journey to continuously deploying applications with Jenkins into a Kubernetes cluster. The DevOps 2.4 Toolkit: Continuously Deploying Applications with Jenkins to a Kubernetes Cluster is the latest book in Viktor Farcic’s series that helps you build a full DevOps Toolkit. This book guides readers through the process of building, testing, and deploying applications through fully automated pipelines. Within this book, Viktor will cover a wide-range of emerging topics, including an exploration of continuous delivery and deployment in Kubernetes using Jenkins. It also shows readers how to perform continuous integration inside these clusters, and discusses the distribution of Kubernetes applications, as well as installing and setting up Jenkins. Work with Viktor and dive into the creation of self-adaptive and self-healing systems within Docker.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)
Now It Is Your Turn

Packaging Kubernetes Applications

Using YAML files to install or upgrade applications in a Kubernetes cluster works well only for static definitions. The moment we need to change an aspect of an application we are bound to discover the need for templating and packaging mechanisms.

We faced quite a few challenges thus far. The good news is that we managed to solve most of them. The bad news is that, in some cases, our solutions felt sub-optimum (politically correct way to say horrible).

We spent a bit of time trying to define Jenkins resources while we were in the Chapter 1, Deploying Stateful Applications at Scale. That was a good exercise that can be characterized as a learning experience, but there's still some work in front of us to make it a truly useful definition. The primary issue with our Jenkins definition is that it is still not automated. We can spin up a master...