SQL Server Reporting Services

It's better to understand the intercommunication between TFS, SQL Server, and SQL Server Reporting Services in order to create and customize reports in TFS using SQL Reporting Services. TFS databases reside in the SQL server to store configuration information, all information for the reports, and team project data information.

TFS uses SQL Server for the following purposes:

  • To load work items, test results, and build results into SQL Server

  • To aggregate and analyze report data

  • To drive reports

SQL Server Reporting Services makes available created by the process template or by the respective team members. SQL Reporting Service Reports is a good choice for highly formatted, scalable, manageable, and consistent reports. To integrate the reporting service on TFS, SQL Reporting Service Reports requires the following configuration setup:

  • Installing SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services and Analysis Services

  • Configuring SQL Reporting Services

  • Enabling Reporting and Analysis Service...