Team web access standard reports

Team web access has some useful built-in reports that can't be customized. However, these reports do not depend on the SQL Reporting service, and reports are available on Visual Studio Online too. The next section explains available standard reports in team web access.

The velocity report

The velocity report is used to forecast backlog accomplishment per sprint. This report shows the number of finished and scheduled backlog items across sprints/iterations. This report can be found in the top-right section of the backlog page and helps with forecast and release planning of the project.

The cumulative flow report

The cumulative flow diagram shows up to 30 weeks of data, displaying the number of work items and their states according to the date range, as indicated in the following screenshot:

The sprint burndown report

Finally, the Sprint Burndown report shows the total number of hours that the team planned for the sprint. As the team's work gets completed, the value...