Chapter 5. Team Web Access Reporting

Team Web Access reporting in TFS is basically constructed to manage and view reports and track status and information regarding project activities. Team Web Access, which is associated with the team project portal, is defined for the team project collection in TFS or Visual Studio Online. Team Web Access provides the easiest way to plan and track the progress of the project by managing source code, work items, and test efforts.

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Team web access levels

  • Team web access charts

  • Team web access standard reports

Team web access levels on TFS hosted as on-premise deployments require providing access levels to a group of users to features and reports in team web access as per the license level. Some of the features such as team rooms, authoring charts, and test case management require an advanced access level. There are three access levels, basic, advanced, and stakeholders, that can be assigned to users or a group of users...