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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials
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Understanding the dashboard canvas

The dashboard canvas provides a preview of all saved visualizations added to the dashboard. As every added visualization appears on the dashboard canvas within a container, we will explore various ways of customizing these containers. By customizing these containers, we can easily create a beautiful visualization.

Moving visualizations

In a dashboard, you can rearrange the added visualizations as per your liking. We can move the container that has visualizations anywhere in the dashboard.

To move containers, perform these steps:

  1. Click and drag the container title bar (heading) using the mouse.

  2. Release the button where you wish to confirm the new location for the visualization.


    While you are moving a container, other containers will shift as per the size of the moving container.

Resizing visualizations

In a dashboard, you can also resize the added visualizations as per your liking. You can resize the container containing visualizations anywhere in the dashboard...