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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials
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Chapter 6. Real-Time Twitter Data Analysis

After understanding the various components of Kibana, let's explore in detail how to use Kibana to analyze and visualize data for real-world scenarios. In this chapter, we will see an end-to-end workflow of how to fetch Twitter data, along with storing data in Elasticsearch. This will be followed by building beautiful visualizations in Kibana to examine various scenarios.

The two possible ways of fetching Twitter data directly into Elasticsearch are by using:

  • Elasticsearch Twitter river

  • Logstash Twitter input


    Note that Twitter river is available as a plugin. It can be used to fetch tweets using Elasticsearch and Kibana only. To use Twitter input, Logstash is required along with Elasticsearch and Kibana. Both ways allow you to fetch Twitter data easily.

We will use Logstash Twitter input because rivers acting as plugins in Elasticsearch have become deprecated; that is, they will be removed in future versions of Elasticsearch.

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