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Mastering Machine Learning with R, Second Edition - Second Edition

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Mastering Machine Learning with R, Second Edition - Second Edition

Overview of this book

This book will teach you advanced techniques in machine learning with the latest code in R 3.3.2. You will delve into statistical learning theory and supervised learning; design efficient algorithms; learn about creating Recommendation Engines; use multi-class classification and deep learning; and more. You will explore, in depth, topics such as data mining, classification, clustering, regression, predictive modeling, anomaly detection, boosted trees with XGBOOST, and more. More than just knowing the outcome, you’ll understand how these concepts work and what they do. With a slow learning curve on topics such as neural networks, you will explore deep learning, and more. By the end of this book, you will be able to perform machine learning with R in the cloud using AWS in various scenarios with different datasets.
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Data understanding, preparation, and recommendations

The one library that we will need for this exercise is recommenderlab. The package was developed by the Southern Methodist University's Lyle Engineering Lab, and they have an excellent website with supporting documentation at

> library(recommenderlab)

> data(Jester5k)

> Jester5k
5000 x 100 rating matrix of class 'realRatingMatrix' with
362106 ratings.

The rating matrix contains 362106 total ratings. It is quite easy to get a list of a user's ratings. Let's look at user number 10. The following output is abbreviated for the first five jokes:

> as(Jester5k[10,], "list")
   j1    j2    j3    j4    j5 ...
-1.99 -6.89  2.09 -4.42 -4.90 ...

You can also look at the mean rating for a user (user 10) and/or the mean rating for a specific joke (joke 1), as follows:

> rowMeans(Jester5k[10,])

> colMeans(Jester5k[,1])

One method to get a better understanding...