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Machine Learning Fundamentals

By : Hyatt Saleh
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Machine Learning Fundamentals

By: Hyatt Saleh

Overview of this book

As machine learning algorithms become popular, new tools that optimize these algorithms are also developed. Machine Learning Fundamentals explains you how to use the syntax of scikit-learn. You'll study the difference between supervised and unsupervised models, as well as the importance of choosing the appropriate algorithm for each dataset. You'll apply unsupervised clustering algorithms over real-world datasets, to discover patterns and profiles, and explore the process to solve an unsupervised machine learning problem. The focus of the book then shifts to supervised learning algorithms. You'll learn to implement different supervised algorithms and develop neural network structures using the scikit-learn package. You'll also learn how to perform coherent result analysis to improve the performance of the algorithm by tuning hyperparameters. By the end of this book, you will have gain all the skills required to start programming machine learning algorithms.
Table of Contents (9 chapters)
Machine Learning Fundamentals

Exploring a Dataset: Wholesale Customers Dataset

As part of the process of learning the behavior and applications of clustering algorithms, the following sections of this chapter will focus on solving a real-life data problem using the Wholesale Customers dataset, which is available at the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository.


The Wholesale Customers dataset is available for download, and will be used in this topic's activity. The process of downloading it will be explained during the activity. However, students should access the following link to understand the steps that are given:

Datasets in repositories may contain raw, partially preprocessed, or preprocessed data. To use any of these datasets, ensure that you read the specifications of the data available to understand the process that needs to be followed to model the data effectively.

Understanding the Dataset

The suggested steps to be followed to set the book of action...