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Arduino Robotic Projects

By : Richard Grimmett
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Arduino Robotic Projects

By: Richard Grimmett

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Arduino Robotic Projects
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Accessing the GPS device from the Arduino IDE

Now that your device is connected, you'll want to access the information from it programmatically. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy the libraries and example programs for Arduino from

  2. Install the TinyGPS library into the libraries directory of Arduino.

  3. Then, open the test_with_gps_device example, as shown in the following screenshot:

  4. When you run that program and open the Serial Monitor tab, you should see the following display:

The information shows the status of the GPS receiver as well as the position, speed, time, date, and direction information. The status indication is the first column of data for each reading. This is important as it will tell you whether your device is reading enough satellites to get a valid positional calculation. This particular output indicates that even with your antenna, you are not getting a valid output. This means that your...