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Arduino Robotic Projects

By : Richard Grimmett
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Arduino Robotic Projects

By: Richard Grimmett

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Arduino Robotic Projects
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Wearable Arduino projects

In this section, you'll build projects that you'll wear as a part of your clothing or accessories. Hopefully, this will expand your concept of where you might be able to creatively use Arduino. Let's get started.

The project for this section is a wearable pin that will indicate your direction through a circular LED set. You could wear this type of device on an armband, like a watch, or pin it on your clothes, just to prove that you are not only technically savvy, but have a keen fashion sense. However, as we are talking about robots, you can actually add these wearables to your robot to give the outside world some indication of what the robot is thinking.

To start, you'll need an Arduino board built for fashion. For this project, you'll use the FLORA. This was introduced in Chapter 1, Powering on Arduino. It has a different form factor; it looks like the following image:

The Arduino FLORA unit is interesting for a couple of reasons. Its form factor is certainly one...