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Testing on Android

Right now, our app still doesn't contain any non-portable code, but let's gradually move towards our platform of choice nevertheless and begin testing it on Android. The only prerequisite for this operation is an Android device, physical or virtualized, with the Kivy Launcher application installed and working.

Packaging an app for Kivy Launcher is borderline trivial. We're going to add two files, android.txt and icon.png, to the same folder where other sources (in this case, and recorder.kv) reside and then copy the folder to an SD card of the Android device under /Kivy. The directory structure should look something like the following:

SD card directory structure for Kivy Launcher

When you start Kivy Launcher, it will spell out the full path that it searches for projects. This may be useful, for example, when you have no SD card.

The format of the android.txt file is pretty self-evident:

title=App Name
author=Your Name

Title and author fields are...