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Chapter 9. Making a Shoot-Em-Up Game

Welcome to the final chapter of Kivy Blueprints. In this tutorial, we're going to build a shoot-em-up game (or shmup for short)—a fast-paced action game about shooting things indefinitely.

This is a small preview to pique your interest:

The game: player (on the left-hand side) seeks to destroy the defenseless alien saucer (on the right-hand side)

Building an app with lots of moving parts simultaneously presented on screen, especially a mobile (or multi-platform) game, depends heavily on a capable renderer. This is what we'll attempt to develop by the end of the book, partially based on the source code from the starfield screensaver discussed in Chapter 8, Introducing Shaders.

This chapter will also cover the following topics:

  • Working with texture atlases in Kivy, complete with manual unpacking of texture coordinates for use in low-level code

  • Further development of a GLSL-based particle system and usage of particle systems to create different in-game entities...