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Chapter 6. Making the 2048 Game

In the next few chapters, we will build a series of increasingly complex game projects to demonstrate some of the concepts commonly associated with game development: state management, controls, sound effects, and fast shader-based graphics, to name a few.

An important thing to consider upfront is that no approach is actually unique to game development: there are whole other classes of software that use the same algorithms and performance hacks as video games.

However, let's start small and gradually work our way to complex things. Our first project is re-implementing the relatively well-known 2048 board game.

This chapter will shed light on a number of Kivy techniques that are practically required when developing games:

  • Creating Kivy widgets with custom visual appearance and behavior

  • Drawing on canvas and utilizing built-in graphics instructions

  • Using absolute positioning to arrange widgets arbitrarily on screen (as opposed to relying on a structured layout)

  • Moving...