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Kivy Remote Desktop app

It's time to build a fully functional remote desktop client using Kivy. There are several things that we can reuse from the previous app, the Chat app from Chapter 4, Kivy Networking. Conceptually, these apps are quite similar: they consist of two screens each, with one screen resembling a login form with server IP address. Let's capitalize on this similarity and reuse parts of the chat.kv file in our brand new remotedesktop.kv, in particular, the ScreenManager setup that is practically unchanged.

The login form

The following listing defines the login form. It is composed of three elements—field caption, input field itself, and a login button—positioned in a row at the top of the screen:

    name: 'login'

        orientation: 'horizontal'
        y: root.height - self.height

            text: 'Server IP:'
            size_hint: (0.4, 1)

            id: server
            text: ''  # put your server...