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Testing and securing android studio applications

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Testing and securing android studio applications

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Testing and Securing Android Studio Applications
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About the Reviewers

Nico Küchler lives in Berlin, Germany. He did an apprenticeship as a mathematical-technical software developer. He has worked for the gamble industry and as an online shop provider. He has been working at Deutsche Post E-POST Development GmbH for 2 years within the scope of Android app development.

He has been maintaining a project that provides a quick start with test-driven Android app development at

Anand Mohan is a geek and a start-up enthusiast. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, in 2008. He has worked with Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. for 4 years. In 2012, Anand started his own venture, TripTern, along with his friends, which is a company that algorithmically plans out the most optimized travel itinerary for travelers by utilizing Big Data and machine-learning algorithms. At TripTern, Anand has developed and implemented offline Android applications so that travelers can modify their itinerary on the go without relying on any data plan.

Apart from working on his start-up, Anand also likes to follow the latest trends in technology and best security practices.

Ravi Shanker has always been fascinated with technology. He's been a passionate practitioner and an avid follower of the digital revolution. He lives in Sydney, Australia. He loves traveling, presenting, reading, and listening to music. When not tinkering with the technology, he also wields a set of brushes and palette of colors to put the right side of his brain to work.

Ravi has honed his skills over a decade in development, consulting, and product and project management for start-ups to large corporations in airline, transportation, telecom, media, and financial services. He has worked in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and most of Asia-Pacific. He has also run a couple of start-ups of his own in the past.

Ravi is often seen blogging, answering or asking questions on Stack Exchange, posting or upvoting, and tweeting on the latest developments in digital space. He has made presentations at meetings and interest groups and has conducted training classes on various technologies. He's always excited at the prospect of new and innovative developments in improving the quality of life.

Abhinava Srivastava has completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science Engineering from India in 2008 and has also received a Diploma in Wireless and Mobile Computing from ACTS, C-DAC, India in 2009.

He started his career as a Software Engineer at Persistent Systems before moving to Singapore, and is currently working with MasterCard, Singapore.

Abhinava is a core technologist by heart and loves to play with open source technologies. He maintains his own blog at and keeps jotting his thoughts from time to time.