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PhoneGap Beginners Guide (third edition)

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PhoneGap Beginners Guide (third edition)

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PhoneGap Beginner's Guide Third Edition
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Chapter 9. Getting Ready for Release

So far, you've created your app with PhoneGap, defined the building blocks of its interface, and learned to use various APIs provided by PhoneGap. In this chapter, you will consolidate the app architecture and learn how to prepare your app for your final release to the public. You can optimize your application using various methods to give your users a solid UX experience.

In this chapter, you will:

  • Learn to compress your JavaScript and also learn why this is especially important for a mobile app

  • Learn how to introduce JavaScript dependencies

  • Learn more about template engines and how to compress template files

  • Create fluid, multiple views of your app using PhoneGap

  • Learn how to create hardware-accelerated transitions

  • Discover how to use common code base for web and mobile platforms