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AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook

By : Nicolas Gramlich, JAYME SCHROEDER, Brian Boyles
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AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook

By: Nicolas Gramlich, JAYME SCHROEDER, Brian Boyles

Overview of this book

AndEngine is a broad 2D game engine which allows game developers, both experienced and inexperienced, to develop games for the Android platform with ease. Don't be fooled by the simplicity, though. As easy as it is to “pick up and go,” AndEngine includes enough functionality to bring any type of 2D game world to life.The "AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook" contains all of the necessary information and examples in order to build the games as you imagine them. The book's recipes will walk you through the various aspects of game design with AndEngine and provides detailed instructions on how to achieve some of the most desirable effects for your games.The "AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook" begins with detailed information on some of the more useful structuring techniques in game design and general aspects of resource management. Continuing on, the book will begin to discuss AndEngine entities, including sprites, text, meshes, and more. Everything from positioning, to modifiers, and even tips on improving entity functionality with raw OpenGL capabilities. From here on, everything from applying physics to your game, working with multi-touch events and gestures, game optimization, and even an overview of the various AndEngine extensions will be covered.The book has a widerange of recipes, from saving and loading game data, applying parallax backgrounds to create a seemingly 3D world, relying on touch events to zoom the game camera, taking screen-shots of the device's screen, and performance optimization using object pools. If physics-based games are more interesting to you, there's also a list of recipes ranging from controlling the world forces and calculating forces applied to bodies, creating destructible objects, and even creating rag-dolls.Pong styled games were fun 35 years ago, but it is time to take your game to the next level with the AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook.
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AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook
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Creating destructible objects

Using the impulse data from the postSolve() method in the physics world's contact listener gives us a force of impact for each collision. Extending that data to cause a multiple-body object to break apart simply involves determining which body collided and if the force was great enough to break the body from the multiple-body object. In this recipe, we will demonstrate the creation of a destructible object made from bodies.

Getting ready...

Create an activity by following the steps in the Introduction to the Box2D physics extension section at the beginning of the chapter. This activity will facilitate the creation of the destructible body groups that we will use in this section.

How to do it...

Follow these steps to create a destructible object that breaks apart when it collides with a large force:

  1. Add the following definitions to the activity class:

    public Body box1Body;
    public Body box2Body;
    public Body box3Body;
    public boolean breakOffBox1 = false;
    public boolean...