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Neo4j High Performance

By : Sonal Raj
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Neo4j High Performance

By: Sonal Raj

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Neo4j High Performance
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Chapter 4. Neo4j for High-volume Applications

There is an exponential surge in the amount of data being created annually; a pattern that is going to exist for quite some time. As data gets more complex, it is increasingly challenging to get valuable insights and information from it. However, the volume and complexity of data are not the only issues. There appears to be a rise in semi-structured and highly interconnected data. Several major tech firms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter have resorted to the graph approach to tackle complexity in the big data arena. The analysis of trends and patterns out of the collected raw data has begun to gain popularity. From professional outlook websites such as LinkedIn to tiny specialized social media applications cropping up each day, all have a graph-processing layer in their core applications. The graph-oriented approach has led many industries to come up with scalable systems to manage information.

A multitude of next-generation databases that...