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Neo4j High Performance

By : Sonal Raj
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Neo4j High Performance

By: Sonal Raj

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Neo4j High Performance
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Introduction to Spring Data Neo4j

The Spring MVC web framework is a project that exposes a model-view-controller architecture along with components that can be used for the development of loosely coupled and highly flexible web-based applications. The MVC-based approach is useful for differentiating the various aspects of an application—the input and the business and UI logic—and provides a loosely coupled relation between the elements.

The Spring Data project was designed to ease the process of using relatively newer technologies, such as map-reduce jobs, nonrelational and schema-less databases, and cloud data services, to build Spring-powered applications. As far as graph databases are considered, this project currently has support for Neo4j integration.

Spring Data Neo4j is a project that exposes a simple Plain Old Java Object (POJO) model for developers to program with, which is useful in reducing the boilerplate code (code that sees inclusion in several places without much alteration...