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Neo4j High Performance

By : Sonal Raj
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Neo4j High Performance

By: Sonal Raj

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Neo4j High Performance
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It's one thing to handle and store big data and a different one to understand it. This is where Neo4j comes in handy as a super tool. In this chapter, we saw that not only can you store your data in a more organized and logical manner, you can also easily interpret the relationships that exist in the data with minimal efforts. So, as the data grows in size, a graph database can make life easier for an analyst and a developer. We looked at techniques that need to be kept in mind while developing applications to handle large volumes of graph data.

In the next chapter, we will take a look at how you can go about testing the Neo4j applications that you have built or are about to build. You will also learn about the options available for scaling a Neo4j graph database.