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Neo4j High Performance

By : Sonal Raj
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Neo4j High Performance

By: Sonal Raj

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Neo4j High Performance
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High availability

Neo4j in recent years has adapted to handling larger data in a more reliable manner with the introduction of the high availability mode. Its architecture and operations revolve around a core concept: the algorithm for master election. In this section, we will take a look at why we need the master and the algorithm based on which the master is elected.

HA and the need for a master

High availability in Neo4j replicates the graph on all the machines in the cluster and manages write operations between them. High availability does not decentralize the stored graph (which is called sharding); it replicates the complete graph. One machine in the replica set has the authority to receive and propagate updates as well as keep track of locks and context in transactions. This machine is referred to as the master in the HA cluster and the supreme entity that handles, monitors, and takes care of the resources in replica machines.

When you set up a Neo4j cluster, you do not need to designate...