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Domino 7 Application Development

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Domino 7 Application Development

Overview of this book

Written by Lotus insiders, the book provides a practical guide to developing applications making use of the important features and enhancements introduced in Notes/Domino 7. These experienced experts use their own experiences to map out the benefits you could gain, and the dangers you may face, as you develop Domino applications in your business. Written by specific experts, edited and overseen by Lotus content generator Dick McCarrick, this book is the definitive guide to developing Domino 7 applications. TECHNOLOGY Domino is an application server that can be used as a standalone web server or as the server component of IBM's Lotus Domino product which provides a powerful collaborative platform for development of customized business applications. It also provides enterprise-grade email, messaging, and scheduling capabilities.
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Domino 7 Application Development
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A Short History of Notes and Domino

Other Complex Return Types

There are many cases where a web service needs to return a group of values in a single response. This response may consist of multiple values of varying data types. This is accomplished in a similar fashion to returning arrays. For the next example, we will return a complex data type called Address, consisting of multiple strings and a numeric value within a single response. For this example, we will use the following document type:


Zip is defined as a numeric for demonstration purposes.

We will also use the following data for this example:

We will update the web service by adding an AddressInfo class to capture this data from Domino and add a GetAddress function to the web‑service class handler to return the data to web‑service client requests.

Here is the updated code listing:

%INCLUDE "lsxsd.lss"
Dim session As NotesSession
Class TelephoneNumberInfo
Public TelephoneNumbers() As String
End Class
Class AddressInfo
Public Street As String
Public City As String...