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Domino 7 Application Development

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Domino 7 Application Development

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Written by Lotus insiders, the book provides a practical guide to developing applications making use of the important features and enhancements introduced in Notes/Domino 7. These experienced experts use their own experiences to map out the benefits you could gain, and the dangers you may face, as you develop Domino applications in your business. Written by specific experts, edited and overseen by Lotus content generator Dick McCarrick, this book is the definitive guide to developing Domino 7 applications. TECHNOLOGY Domino is an application server that can be used as a standalone web server or as the server component of IBM's Lotus Domino product which provides a powerful collaborative platform for development of customized business applications. It also provides enterprise-grade email, messaging, and scheduling capabilities.
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Domino 7 Application Development
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A Short History of Notes and Domino

Domino Designer WSDL Actions

Domino Designer 7's web‑service design editor provides several action buttons that are useful for basic WSDL actions. These are highlighted in the following screenshot, followed by a description of their function.

Export WSDL

This button is used to auto-generate a WSDL file that describes the interface for the selected web service. The button prompts you for a file export location and then exports a WSDL document describing the operations defined by the web service. The information exported by this action is the same information generated by the ?openwebservice URL that has the format:


The Export WSDL action is particularly useful for sharing a web‑service interface definition in cases where the web‑service consumer does not yet have direct HTTP access to the Domino server.

Import WSDL

The Import WSDL design action is used to begin a new web service based on an existing interface definition. This...