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Penetration Testing Bootcamp

By : Jason Beltrame
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Penetration Testing Bootcamp

By: Jason Beltrame

Overview of this book

Penetration Testing Bootcamp delivers practical, learning modules in manageable chunks. Each chapter is delivered in a day, and each day builds your competency in Penetration Testing. This book will begin by taking you through the basics and show you how to set up and maintain the C&C Server. You will also understand how to scan for vulnerabilities and Metasploit, learn how to setup connectivity to a C&C server and maintain that connectivity for your intelligence gathering as well as offsite processing. Using TCPDump filters, you will gain understanding of the sniffing and spoofing traffic. This book will also teach you the importance of clearing up the tracks you leave behind after the penetration test and will show you how to build a report from all the data obtained from the penetration test. In totality, this book will equip you with instructions through rigorous tasks, practical callouts, and assignments to reinforce your understanding of penetration testing.
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Cracking utilities

Password cracking can be defined as the process of recovering a password based on data that has either been stored on a system or has been transmitted by one. There are many different techniques to accomplish this feat, including some of the following types:

  • Brute-Force attack: Systematically trying out as many combinations of characters as possible against the password.
  • Dictionary attack: Using words from a dictionary in a utility to try and figure out the password.
  • Rainbow table attack: Uses rainbow tables to try and match hashes found in the operating system's password hash files. Rainbow tables have hashes and the corresponding passwords.
  • Password guessing: Using a knowledge of the end user to try and figure out their password based strictly on a best guess.
  • Phishing attacks: Tricking users into entering their credentials, or stealing the credentials from them.

Using the following tools, I will demonstrate some of these techniques to see if I can crack some passwords on...