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Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to

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Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to

Overview of this book

Enhancing learning experience and improving student success has many instructors searching for effective tools. Moodle Quiz is just such a tool to aid instructors in creating powerful assessment experiences for their learners. "Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to" is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of clear step-by-step procedures, which will help you take advantage of the real power that is behind Moodle Quiz, and give you a good grounding in using it to achieve effective assessment in your courses.This book covers how Moodle Quiz module can be used to create effective assessment FOR and OF learning in your courses. It will take you through a number of clear, practical recipes that will help you harness the power of Moodle Quiz quickly and painlessly.You will begin by learning to set up clear categories, carefully designed questions and helpful feedback to create the question bank that is the foundation of Moodle Quiz. Once you have configured the quiz and specified your security requirements, you can select questions by hand or randomly. Once learners have completed the quiz you can interact one-on-one or examine statistical data for large groups using the easily generated reports.Using "Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to" you will learn how to create effective quizzes and how to provide meaningful feedback and evaluate results.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)

Reviewing the quiz from the learner's perspective (Should know)

We can now review the graded quiz from the learner's perspective.

Getting ready

The learner has completed the quiz and it is graded. We can now see how our efforts and feedback decisions enhance the learning opportunities within our quiz.

How to do it...

Once the quiz is graded, Kathy can review it. If we have used no manual graded questions, the results are displayed immediately. If we have included a manual grade question, such as an essay question, that one will be displayed once it is graded.

  1. The first indication of her quiz result is the overall data and results at the top of the page. Notice that she also receives the feedback that we planned at the whole quiz level.

  2. Next, she can review Quiz navigation to see how she did in each question.

  3. Each little box in the Quiz navigation block gives an indication of her results:

    • A correct response is colored green

    • An incorrect response is colored red

    • A partially correct multipart question would be colored yellow

    • A flagged question shows a mark in the top right corner

  4. Question 2 that Kathy had flagged, was answered incorrectly, so it is colored red. If the question were answered correctly, the top right corner would still be marked to indicate the flag, but the box would be colored green. A more detailed review of each question is also provided.

    In this example, we can see the general feedback that we designed earlier for this True or False question.

  5. This is what Kathy sees when she selects the quiz in her Grades view in the course:

How it works...

Reviewing quiz results from our test student's perspective enables us to see how general and question level feedback will appear. We can then make necessary alterations before we decide to open the quiz to our learners.

The reviewing features of the quiz present additional learning opportunities. The instructor and learner can discuss specific content and understanding with a shared view of the learner's quiz results.