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Mastering Wireshark

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Mastering Wireshark

Overview of this book

Wireshark is a popular and powerful tool used to analyze the amount of bits and bytes that are flowing through a network. Wireshark deals with the second to seventh layer of network protocols, and the analysis made is presented in a human readable form. Mastering Wireshark will help you raise your knowledge to an expert level. At the start of the book, you will be taught how to install Wireshark, and will be introduced to its interface so you understand all its functionalities. Moving forward, you will discover different ways to create and use capture and display filters. Halfway through the book, you’ll be mastering the features of Wireshark, analyzing different layers of the network protocol, looking for any anomalies. As you reach to the end of the book, you will be taught how to use Wireshark for network security analysis and configure it for troubleshooting purposes.
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Mastering Wireshark
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Expert Infos

The information in the Expert Infos dialog is populated by the dissectors that enable the translation of every protocol that is well known to Wireshark. The Expert Infos dialog keeps you aware of the specific states that users should know about. Presently, expert infos is available only for TCP-based communication. Maybe for other protocols, the Expert Info dialog will be available by the time you read this.

You can access the Expert Info dialog by clicking on Expert Info under Analyze, or you can click on the bottom-left corner on the colored dot just before the status bar. Refer to the following screenshot, which illustrates the same:

The red dot at the bottom-left corner can be colored with different colors, such as cyan, yellow, green, blue, and grey, where each of them has a specific meaning, which is listed as follows:

  • Red: This indicates errors

  • Yellow: This refers to warnings

  • Cyan: This refers to a note

  • Blue: This refers to chats

  • Green: This refers to comments

  • Grey: This...