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Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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Export reports to Microsoft Office PowerPoint

There is another cool feature that you can use with Power View reports created in SharePoint: you can export the reports to PowerPoint (note that this does not work with reports created in Excel). When exporting, each view in Power View becomes a separate Silverlight control in its own PowerPoint slide. To export and view within PowerPoint, follow these steps:

  1. Save the Power View report as you can't export an unsaved report.

  2. Click on Export to PowerPoint in the File menu (see the following screenshot).

  3. Save the new PowerPoint presentation.

  4. Open the saved presentation in PowerPoint. You will see a static image of each view in Power View that is centered on a separate slide.

  5. At the lower-right corner of PowerPoint, click on Reading View or Slide Show.

  6. In the lower-right corner of the PowerPoint slide, click to load the live Power View report from the SharePoint server. You can then interact with it.

    Exporting to PowerPoint

The PowerPoint presentation will...