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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints
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Parts list

The following list comprises the parts that are required to build the programmable motor controller:

  • Arduino Uno: one unit

  • 1 kilo ohm resistor (brown, black, red, gold): three units

  • A 10-ohm resistor (brown, black, black, gold): one unit

  • A 10-kilo ohm resistor (brown, black, orange, gold): one unit

  • A 100-ohm resistor (brown, black, brown, gold): one unit

  • A 0.01 µF capacitor: one unit

  • An LCD module: one unit

  • A 74LS08 Quad AND Logic Gate Integrated Circuit: one unit

  • A 1N4001 general purpose silicon diode: one unit

  • A DC electric motor (3 V rated): one unit

  • Single-pole double-throw (SPDT) electric switches: two units

  • 1.5V batteries: two units

  • 3V battery holder: one unit

  • A breadboard

  • Wires