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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints
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Parts list

The following is the list of parts required to build a apacitive Touch controller:

  • R1—1 MΩ resistor (brown, black, green, and gold stripes)

  • R2—1 KΩ resistor (brown, black, red, and gold stripes)

  • R3—100 KΩ resistor (brown, black, yellow, and gold stripes)

  • C1—10 µF electrolytic capacitor

  • C2—0.001 µF or 1 nF capacitor

  • Q1—2N3904 NPN transistor

  • DC servo motor (3-6 V rated) (one unit)

  • Arduino Uno (R3 version) or equivalent

  • littleBits DC motor

  • littleBits proto module

  • Aluminum foil

  • Cardboard

  • Tape

  • A sheet of clear plastic

  • Electrical wire (2" in length with a 1/4" of insulation removed from both ends) (one unit)