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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints
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littleBits electronic modules

To make the IR remote control prototyping experience more enjoyable, littleBits electronics modules are being introduced in this chapter. The littleBits are colorful electronic modules that provide specific electrical functions for consumer devices and gadgets. By connecting the modules in unique and creative ways, interesting, innovative electronic devices and gadgets can be built.

There are three metal pins that allow the littleBits electronics modules to work properly. They consist of the following signal names:

  • vcc (+5 V power supply)

  • sig (electrical signal)

  • gnd (electrical ground)

The littleBits electronic modules include plastic bitSnaps that have three metal pins for providing the electrical connections. The bitSnap electrical connections are shown in the following figure.


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To reduce error in building a gadget or device, small magnets are placed inside the littleBits bitSnaps. The electronic...