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Arduino Electronics Blueprints
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Building a capacitive touch controller

The capacitive touch controller can easily be hardwired to a DC servo motor. The touch sensor circuit provides the electronics for reading the capacitances of the sensing plate and provides an Arduino control signal to operate the DC servo motor. The steps to build the capacitive touch controller are as follows:

  1. Build a capacitor sensor using the assembly diagrams as follows:


    Image (a) shows the capacitor sensor dimensions, while Image (b) shows the individual materials assembled.

    The finished capacitor touch plate sensor

    Wire the capacitive touch controller circuit onto a solderless breadboard as shown in the following diagram. The circuit schematic diagram is provided as an additional wiring aid to build the capacitive touch controller prototype as follows:


    The colors shown in the wiring diagram are based on the Fritzing servo motor module. Obtain the manufacturer's datasheet on the servo motor being used in your capacitive touch controller prototype...