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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints
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In this chapter, an Arduino-SNAP circuit AM radio prototype was built:

  • A discussion on radio communication basics was presented

  • Modulation is a radio wave processing technique in which two distinct frequencies are superimposed to produce one unique signal, and it was presented in this chapter as well

  • The UTC 7642 linear amplifier IC was introduced along with its internal circuit schematic diagram and device pictorial diagram

  • This IC, with the ability to boost high-frequency signals, is the heart of the SNAP circuit AM radio

  • The IR remote trigger circuit was discussed using a picture diagram.

  • The IR remote sensor provides logic level voltages that allow the Arduino to operate the LCD and SNAP circuit AM radio

  • To aid in the ON/OFF control of the SNAP circuit AM radio, a littleBits latch was introduced

  • A latch is a digital circuit that provides a stable logic level voltage (0V or +5V) based on the device being triggered by a positive edge input signal

To test the IR remote trigger circuit with...