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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints

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Arduino Electronics Blueprints
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Parts list

The list of parts required to build an Arduino-SNAP circuit AM radio is as follows:

  • SNAP Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Discovery Kit (one unit)

  • Arduino Uno (R3 version) or equivalent (one unit)

  • littleBits remote trigger (one unit)

  • littleBits latch (one unit)

  • littleBits proto module (one unit)

  • littleBits mounting board (one unit)

  • R1—470 Ω resistor (yellow, violet, brown, and gold stripes)

  • D1—1N4001 general purpose diode

  • K1—5V DC electromechanical relay (SPDT type)

  • Q1—2N3904 NPN transistor

  • DIS 16x2 LCD