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Elevate SwiftUI Skills by Building Projects

By : Frahaan Hussain
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Elevate SwiftUI Skills by Building Projects

By: Frahaan Hussain

Overview of this book

Elevate SwiftUI Skills by Building Projects helps you harness the cutting-edge potential of SwiftUI and its innovative and user-friendly approach to crafting user interfaces for Apple platforms with the power of Swift. This book will enhance your UI programming skills with SwiftUI through a project-based methodology, guiding you to create four real-world projects. Starting with a quick recap of Swift and SwiftUI, you’ll gradually develop projects tailored for iPhone, iPad, macOS, and watchOS using Swift and Xcode. You’ll experience SwiftUI’s versatility in action as you build a tax calculator for iPhone and a photo gallery for the iPad, which uses a larger display to enhance the viewing experience. You’ll also create an app store for Mac and, finally, get to grips with the power of SwiftUI for smaller devices such as the Apple Watch by designing a Fitness Companion app. By the end of this book, you'll have built fully functional projects across multiple platforms and gained the expertise needed to excel as a professional SwiftUI developer.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)

iPad Project – Photo Gallery Enhanced View

In this chapter, we will work on implementing enhanced view and page navigation functionalities in our photo gallery project. In the previous chapter, we looked at the design of the photo gallery and how it works uniquely due to it being developed for a large device. Then, we broke it down into two views and a fullscreen mode. Afterward, we implemented the first view, which was the highlight view. To do this, we figured out the components required. We then implemented all the components using SwiftUI. At the end of the previous chapter, we only had a fancy wireframe for the highlight view and no connection to another view. Now, we will create the enhanced view and implement all the functionality to provide navigation between the views and send image metadata between the highlight and enhanced views.

This chapter will be split into the following sections:

  • EnhancedView Design Overview
  • Updating HighlightView
  • Testing...