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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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Implementing the matrix pattern generator

Perfect! We've explored creating a GUI with the ofxGui addon and covered some of its quirks.

In this final section, we don't want to investigate any new GUI topics but wish to implement an advanced algorithm for drawing geometric patterns.


If you feel that you have achieved your goal in programming GUI and don't want to improve the pattern generation algorithm right now, we'd suggest that you skip this section and proceed to the next chapter.

We will do this by adding four new sliders and creating a new function to draw a matrix pattern (we will explain it in the following paragraphs). When this succeeds, our video synthesizer will be able to generate a very wide range of pictures, ranging from VJ-style patterns to vivid organic shapes, as shown in these screenshots:

These are examples of images generated with the matrix pattern generator


You will be able to generate these two images in your project using the values given in the end of the section...