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Learning iOS Security

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Learning iOS Security

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Viewing an App

There are a number of tools that can help you to obtain more information about an app. You can use a command line to view the contents of a file, and when it is compiled, there's still a fair amount of information that can be derived from an iOS application file (an IPA file). To do this, simply use the cat command for a file from your app library:

Cat /Users/charlesedge/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Mobile\ Applications/
Amex\ 4.6.0.ipa

You can also view data in the file without all the special characters using the strings command:

Strings /Users/charlesedge/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Mobile\
Applications/Amex\ 4.6.0.ipa

There are also disassemblers that have different levels of luck in obtaining information about a file. For example, Hopper Disassembler that can be purchased from the Mac App Store at The following screenshot shows the Hopper Disassembler:

Hopper Disassembler

There's also a tool called Clutch...