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Python Web Development with Sanic

By : Adam Hopkins
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Python Web Development with Sanic

By: Adam Hopkins

Overview of this book

Today’s developers need something more powerful and customizable when it comes to web app development. They require effective tools to build something unique to meet their specific needs, and not simply glue a bunch of things together built by others. This is where Sanic comes into the picture. Built to be unopinionated and scalable, Sanic is a next-generation Python framework and server tuned for high performance. This Sanic guide starts by helping you understand Sanic’s purpose, significance, and use cases. You’ll learn how to spot different issues when building web applications, and how to choose, create, and adapt the right solution to meet your requirements. As you progress, you’ll understand how to use listeners, middleware, and background tasks to customize your application. The book will also take you through real-world examples, so you will walk away with practical knowledge and not just code snippets. By the end of this web development book, you’ll have gained the knowledge you need to design, build, and deploy high-performance, scalable, and maintainable web applications with the Sanic framework.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Part 1:Getting Started with Sanic
Part 2:Hands-On Sanic
Part 3:Putting It All together

Chapter 8: Running a Sanic Server

In the time that I have been involved with the Sanic project—and specifically, in trying to assist other developers by answering their support questions—there is one topic that perhaps comes up more than any other: deployment. That one word is often bundled with a mixture of confusion and dread.

Building a web application can be a lot of fun. I suspect that I am not alone in finding a tremendous amount of satisfaction in the build process itself. One of the reasons that I love software development in general—and web development in particular—is that I enjoy the almost puzzle-like atmosphere of fitting solutions to a given problem. When the build is done and it is time to launch, that is where the anxiety kicks in.

I cannot overemphasize this next point enough. One of Sanic's biggest assets is its bundled web server. This is not just a gimmick or some side feature to be ignored. The fact that Sanic comes bundled...