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Unity Animation Essentials

By : Alan Thorn
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Unity Animation Essentials

By: Alan Thorn

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Unity Animation Essentials
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This chapter covered Unity's extensive 2D feature set used to create animated sprites. Sprites can be imported on a frame-by-frame basis from separate files, or as a texture atlas containing many frames together. In either case, frames can easily be assembled into an animated sequence, and Unity's animation tools (such as Mecanim and the Animation window) can be used to repair the most common issues, such as those concerning animation speed, looping, and misplaced frames.

Using the assets provided with this chapter (including the player character asset), you should now be able to quickly and effectively create an animated character playing a run animation. In addition, you can use the object Mover script created in the previous chapter to move the animated sprite object along an axis in the scene, while also playing its run animation to simulate a complete run cycle. A completed project that does this is available in the companion files in the Chapter02\AnimatedChar folder. In the...