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Unity Animation Essentials

By : Alan Thorn
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Unity Animation Essentials

By: Alan Thorn

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Unity Animation Essentials
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Invoking functions from animations

Frequently, you'll need to link animations with the script and game logic. Specifically, when animation playback reaches a specific frame or time, or when an animation begins or ends, you may want something else to happen in script, even on a completely different object. In the camera fly-through animation for example, we may want to show a message on the screen saying "Welcome!", when the fly-through animation ends. There are many ways to handle this type of requirement. One way is to run a function in script when a frame shows up in the animation. To create this kind of connectivity between animation and script, we'll need an animation event.


The complete Unity project for an animation event is included in this book's companion files in the Chapter03/AnimationEvents folder.

To get started with calling functions from animations, create a new C# script file or edit an existing file. Add a function of any name that returns void and either; has no arguments...