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Interviewing Engineering Graduates

By : Connor S Riley
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Interviewing Engineering Graduates

By: Connor S Riley

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Writing tests

What kind of technical problem makes a good code test? In general, a problem should:

  • Reflect a real-world task that you would expect an engineer to be able to solve on their first day of work with no knowledge of your engineering infrastructure

  • Not require specialized tools or resources, possibly other than data you will provide the candidate

  • Take two to four hours to complete

The first point is by far the most important. You will get a much better idea of a candidate's ability to do the job if you give them a test that looks like a task they would work on if they were hired tomorrow. The candidate will benefit from a clearer understanding of the type of work you will expect them to do as well.

An example test would be as follows: "Using only HTML, CSS, and Javascript, create a single web page that consumes an RSS feed and presents it as an attractive list of well-formatted feed entries, including item metadata. When the user clicks on a particular feed entry in the list, they should...