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Interviewing Engineering Graduates

By : Connor S Riley
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Interviewing Engineering Graduates

By: Connor S Riley

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Chapter 5. In-person Interviews

The in-person interview is the most important and the most resource-intensive step in the hiring process. For the interview organizer, it is a challenge both to schedule candidates and to prepare interviewers to make the best possible decision. Interviewers must prepare their questions and criteria for hiring in advance, as well as prepare to be a good ambassador for their company. And of course, candidates must be ready for nearly a full day's mental challenge!

If you've screened your candidates well, you've given the candidates who come in to meet your team the best possible chance at success. This chapter will ensure that your whole team is prepared to make the ultimate decision on which candidate to hire.

This chapter will teach you how to:

  • Manage interview scheduling and logistics

  • Train technical interviewers

  • Structure an individual interview

  • Ask good technical interview questions