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The Agile Developer's Handbook

By : Paul Flewelling
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The Agile Developer's Handbook

By: Paul Flewelling

Overview of this book

This book will help you overcome the common challenges you’ll face when transforming your working practices from waterfall to Agile. Each chapter builds on the last, starting with easy-to-grasp ways to get going with Agile. Next you’ll see how to choose the right Agile framework for your organization. Moving on, you’ll implement systematic product delivery and measure and report progress with visualization. Then you’ll learn how to create high performing teams, develop people in Agile, manage in Agile, and perform distributed Agile and collaborative governance. At the end of the book, you’ll discover how Agile will help your company progressively deliver software to customers, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the level of efficiency in software development teams.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)

How an Agile approach will organically flatten an organizational structure

How we embrace our technology teams will depend a lot on the organization.

If we're a tech company, such as Microsoft or Apple, who make software products for retail, or a company such as Spotify, which makes an online product, we're likely to have embraced the digital economy. We'll be aware of and geared up for the speed things move in the technology industry.

There won't be a technology division. Instead, the organizational structure for these companies will likely revolve around their product lines.

In a traditional corporate structure or government agency, if our organization isn't overtly a technology company, we will likely see IT as a service and a cost center (in accounting terms).

If we're an IT consultancy and build software for our clients, then we're likely...