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Adding a web application to IIS

Inside a website, we can add two types of folders: virtual directories and web applications. Virtual directories simply map to folders outside our website's root. Web applications, on the other hand, are folders that can host entirely isolated modules. For example, we may develop a web application for a login page and another for a shopping cart. Their URLs might be mysite.com/Login and mysite.com/ShoppingCart. Each will get its own app domain to run in and could be completely oblivious to the other, with its own configuration, application pool, and worker process. However, to the end user, they will appear to be integrated parts of the same site.

Getting ready

To prepare for this recipe, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new setup project and name it WebApplicationInstaller.

  2. Add IIsExtension to the project by right-clicking on the References node in Solution Explorer and going to Add Reference... | WixIIsExtension.dll | Add | OK.

  3. Add the IIsExtension namespace...

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