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Implementing VMware Horizon 7 - Second Edition

By : Jason Ventresco
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Implementing VMware Horizon 7 - Second Edition

By: Jason Ventresco

Overview of this book

VMware Horizon 7 has been a buzz since it was announced. One of the major reasons is the introduction of the new Instant Clones feature. This book will complement the product documentation by providing real-life examples of how it is implemented along with the latest features and components of the platform. We'll explore the latest features of the platform, including those added through product acquisitions such as User Environment Manager and App Volumes. Further on, you will also be introduced to the new capabilities added to the core product such Linked-Clone RDS pools. Upon completion of this book, you will have an understanding of the capabilities and benefits VMware Horizon can provide to your organization, and how each of its components are implemented.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Implementing VMware Horizon 7 Second Edition
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Overview of VMware Horizon Connection Server

In Chapter 1, VMware Horizon Infrastructure Overview, we discussed some of the roles of the Horizon Connection Server. These roles include:

  • Managing connections between Horizon clients and Horizon-managed resources including Horizon desktops and Microsoft RDS servers

  • Authenticating user connection requests and providing access to assigned resources

  • Hosting the Horizon Administrator console for the VMware Horizon infrastructure

  • Working in tandem with VMware vCenter and Horizon Composer to manage, deploy, and maintain virtual desktops

The following diagram shows the placement of the Horizon Connection Server in a simple Horizon environment. For now, only the Horizon Connection Server is displayed; later chapters will add respective Horizon Servers to this diagram.

The Horizon Connection Server authenticates the clients and provides them with access to the appropriate resources. Depending on the configuration of the Horizon Connection Server, the clients...