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Mastering Kibana 6.x

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Mastering Kibana 6.x

Overview of this book

Kibana is one of the popular tools among data enthusiasts for slicing and dicing large datasets and uncovering Business Intelligence (BI) with the help of its rich and powerful visualizations. To begin with, Mastering Kibana 6.x quickly introduces you to the features of Kibana 6.x, before teaching you how to create smart dashboards in no time. You will explore metric analytics and graph exploration, followed by understanding how to quickly customize Kibana dashboards. In addition to this, you will learn advanced analytics such as maps, hits, and list analytics. All this will help you enhance your skills in running and comparing multiple queries and filters, influencing your data visualization skills at scale. With Kibana’s Timelion feature, you can analyze time series data with histograms and stats analytics. By the end of this book, you will have created a speedy machine learning job using X-Pack capabilities.
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Installing X-Pack

In this section, we will take a look at the steps to install X-Pack for Elasticsearch and Kibana. It provides various features, as we have already discussed. It also changes the different views, such as adding the Reporting tab under Visualization and the Query Profile under Dev Tools. Similarly, there are many additions, which we may notice after installing X-Pack. Now let's take a look at how to install X-Pack.

Installing X-Pack into Elasticsearch

To install X-Pack to our Elasticsearch setup, we will need to perform following steps:

  1. First, we need to stop Elasticsearch.
  2. Move to the Elasticsearch setup directory and then enter the following command:
   bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack
  1. After successfully running the command, start Elasticsearch.
    1. Generate default passwords, as follows:
   bin/x-pack/setup-passwords auto

The preceding command will create the passwords automatically, which we will need to copy to log into the system.

Installing X-Pack into Kibana

To install X...