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Swift by Example

By : Giordano Scalzo
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Swift by Example

By: Giordano Scalzo

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The app is…

One of the key facts of the mobile revolution is that we always have in our pocket a computer that constantly uses GPS, to which we can ask anything regarding everything around us.

As we can see by searching the App Store, forecasting weather is a common problem that apps try to solve, often using stunning designs, but sometimes using a basic design with a lot a features. This confuses the user.

If we look carefully at the nicest, and most famous, weather apps, we realize that the structures are really similar, and this is the kind of app we want to build.

Although a few apps allow you to check the weather of several cities at a time, for simplicity, we'll implement an app that shows only the weather of your current city.

That said, the aim of the app is—first of all—to show the current weather for the current location, and then to show the forecast for the upcoming hours and days.

To make the app more appealing, we'll add a nice photo of the current city as the background. The following...