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3D Printing with SketchUp - Second Edition

By : Aaron Dietzen Aka 'the Sketchup Guy'
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3D Printing with SketchUp - Second Edition

By: Aaron Dietzen Aka 'the Sketchup Guy'

Overview of this book

Working with the amazing 3D printing technology and getting access to the printing hardware is now easier than ever before. While there are many other resources that cover the general process of 3D printing, this book is the ultimate guide to creating models for 3D printing using SketchUp. You’ll start with a basic understanding of how SketchUp is used in the 3D printing workflow and jump into the steps to create a print-ready model using only SketchUp. This 3D printing book will guide you in using SketchUp to modify existing 3D files and cover additional tools that make SketchUp an even more powerful modeling tool. As you advance, you’ll learn how to transform 2D images into 3D printable solids, how to create multi-part prints that can be assembled without the use of fasteners or glue, and how to make sure your model, whether designed from scratch or assembled from preexisting geometry, is ready to be made real via your 3D printer. By the end of this book, you’ll have the confidence to bring your design ideas to life by generating your own 3D print-ready models with SketchUp.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)
Part 1: Getting Prepared to Print
Part 2: Modeling for 3D Printing

3D modeling groups and components

As you are probably already aware, in order for SketchUp to consider a collection of geometry as a solid, the geometry must be held in a group or a component. Let’s do a quick exercise to dive into exactly what makes an acceptable solid:

  1. Start a new file in SketchUp.
  2. Use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle, then use the Push/Pull tool to pull the rectangle up into a box.
  3. Triple-click the box to select everything.
  4. If it is not already visible, open the Entity Info panel.

At the top of the Entity Info panel, it will tell you exactly what is selected. Currently, you have 18 Entities selected (6 faces and 12 edges). What you have selected is not a solid and is not printable. Let’s fix that.

  1. With all entities still highlighted, right-click on the geometry and click Make Group.

Notice that the Entity Info panel now reports that you have Solid Group selected. This group, if exported as an .stl file...